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Goju Dartast Maridae
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Alignment: Chaotic least after 9 am
Class: Sassy assassin, Sex Wizard
Weapon of Choice: Things that fire stuff (guns, RPGS, rocket launchers), Arcane long sword,Drakkan magic, Geli (hehehe...get it? Nevermind..)
Major Skills: Knowledge (history, Drakkan history, arcana, weapons, battle strategy, "101 ways to make you wish you were dead", sexual techniques, cooking), lombasting, pillaging, burning things, causing explosions, clearing out entire countries just by flying over once, eating flocks of sheep, acting totally jaded 90% of the time, sleeping
Useless Skills:chasing tennis balls, doing something quite unsavory and then looking completely innocent the next morning, can tie over 739 different sailor knots....with his tongue (just kidding), mastering skills fairly easily, sleeping through just about anything, getting Geli into trouble,
Age: 7999
Height: 6'6"
Sex: male
Build: like a swimmer, 250 lb of pure muscle...and attitude
Scene: NINJA! (Well sort of) Assassin turn Goth, turned techno geek, turned science professor...turned male stripper at a fetish bar
Race: Drak (Huge ass Dragon alien)
True form stats: 300 feet from nose to tail, 150 foot wing span, double set of wings, weighs 7 tons, breathes white hot flame, casts heavy duty spells...and has a short temper. Think about it.
Occupation: Assassin, explorer, weapon's designer, subsitute teacher
Genus: Large, hyperintelligent, reptilloid monotreme, class Omega 2. (Lets just say you don't want one on YOUR planet..)
Fun Facts: Goju may be a little dark, short tempered, and trigger happy but other than that he's a great guy! As a dragon, he tends to view pretty much everybody as a potential meal and isn't above roasting them and hauling their corpse home for later. He has a bit of a soft spot for Geli and enjoys her company while he goes about his search for his lost people. Because of his advanced age, he has the ability to transform into his true form at will, as well as his human and dog sized dragon forms. However...his great magics, while possessing seemingly endless amo, come with a price. He lives for revenge after spending 100 Earth years in hell after his death. His gods brought him back for a sort of intersteller breeding program (which he left of course) and now he's working on bringing a bunch of little half dragons into the world ala Speices II o.0;;
Did You Know...: When around Geli, he can be the sweetest thing on the planet, but he IS a large flesh eating dragon. Thus, he has more than a few disgreements with the elves; they don't like him eating the locals. But who has the guts to tell him to leave? Tends to be quite peevish when woken up but gets over it rather quickly. He loves nothing more than a sniffer of good brandy, a nice raw steak, and a blowjob (just what every man wants right?)

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