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Why anybody would want to draw comics like I do is freakin' beyond me but I figgered, you never know when you can learn from someone else's idiocy so I'll leave my little tutorial anyway.

Step 1: The Plot
Most of the time I think up my plots on the bus or while mowing the lawn, or, as in the later series, by annoying Jackie for hours ^.^ Of course most of my OHA plots are backed up by about five years so I keep just a general idea of what I want to do on file so I don't forget.

Step 2: Penciling
Once I plan out the story I go and start the penciling. I pencil each page by itself, usually breaking them up every five or so with a pinup or whatever. I pencil all of the pages in a given scene at once with 6H lead held in one of those old drafter's lead holders (thanks dad) It's like drawin' with a nail but it doesn't smear which is good ^.^. After I'm done with that (and before I have time to think and spaz!) I break out the quill pens and paintbrush and get to work on the ink. Groovy baby yeah!

Step 3:Inking
Time for the inking. This can be the most annoying part sometimes, but anyway, here goes. First I go over all the panel borders with either my broad pen or brush. After that I fill in the broader lines with either by G-pen or School nib, then the little ones with the crow quill (hopefully not trashing my paper while I'm working on it! o.0;;) I sharpen up any shadows and patches of back, add in the tiny details, smooth lines, and all that. When ink smears (And it do happen), I cover that over with whiteout or white acrylic ink. If I have any big spaces to be filled in black, I do that with a brush and ink instead of by computer. It makes it easier I guess. After all that I let the stuff dry for a bit then I erase what lines I have to. With the 6H lead I usually don't have much erasing... Now it's time to scan.

Step 4:Computer Tweakage
I scan my comics with a flatbed scanner. If they're inked they get scanned in 50% in Sharp B/W. Pencil gets Sharp Photo. I then open them in Micrographix 8.0 and change them to full color and resize to 50% again. Using the power mask, I shade and tint the panels then add the text.(my fonts are Optimum, Schlop, and Toxica just so you know) Last I resize it again as needed and turn it to Grayscale (most of the time). Now the comic is ready to be saved as a JPG, uploaded to the site, and frozen in the morgue. Another job well onto my Chemistry homework ^.^!

Optional Step 5:Computer Coloring
Somethimes I feel like coloring in a comic page instead of the usual grayscale. When I do that I make sure that all of my lines are bold then I color in my page and do the correct shading and save it. Since color can pages take twice as long (up to 4 hours a page once scanned)I rarely do them. "Prefer'd Stock" was in color as well as the first page of the christmas special. I do computer coloring by request, so if you have a picture that you need colored just send it to me and I'll see what I can do.

Sketches, layouts, etc. etc.
"What's Next" Page 1 penciled
"What's Next" in Color

For info on Screen Tones go to Comic

Here's my list of books that are good for aspiring comic artists
How to Draw Manga vol 1-4: The society for the study of Manga Techniques
How to Draw Battles: S.S.M.T.
How to Draw Occult and Horror: S.S.M.T.
Drawing Figures in Deep Space: Burne Hogarth
How to Draw Manga: Antarctic Press
Drawing those Bodacious Babes of Comics:Frank McLaughlin and Mike Gold
How to Draw Greatlooking Comic Book Women: Christopher Hart
How to Draw Comicbook Guys and Gals: Christopher Hart
The Figure in Motion: Thomas Easley and Mark Smith
The Nude Figure; a visual reference for the artist: Mark Edward Smith
Grey's Anatomy
Drawing Human Anatomy: Giovanni Civardi
Couple Poses: Nippan Press
How to Draw Battles: Nippan Press
Manga Mania-Christopher Hart
How to Draw Manga-Antarctice Press (buy it at your local comic shop!)
And never underestimate the power of reading other comics as well!

other sources...
Endless teachin' by Ms. Smith, Ms. Buttram, and Mr. Leach not to mention lots and lots and LOTS of drawing has really gotten me better.
Behold the power of the Ball Skelton. Never forget to sketch people...
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