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Indra Doe
Indra in beachware
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Spy pussy cat/weather wizard
Weapon of Choice: Teeth and claws or magic

Age: 18
Height: 5'9"
Sex: femme
Build: Muscular
Scene: Very indian
Occupation: Assassin
Race: Lesser Were-cloud leopard
Fun Facts: After the untimely death of her parents due to hate crimes, she was adopted by Zara. Since then she's been brainwashed, dried, and starched to hate the elves with a vengence, more specifically Elhaz. She lives to kill him in any way possible and makes that her focus. However...she also has a huge crush on him for some twisted reason and usually screws up when she gets the chance to open up that can o' whup ass. When she's not worryin' about business or training in magic and ninja skills, she hangs with her sidekick Agni Kitsue. Because of her generally naive attitude and tendancy to bitch first, think later, she has made an enemy of Loki, which is unfortunate because Loki is in charge of Zara's army.  Indra stays in her hybrid form almost all of the time but as a lesser were-leopard, she's smaller than most lycanthropes. This does come in handy as it's easier for her to blend in with humans and the like even as a fuzzy cat. In her human form she stands about 4'2" with pale skin and whiteish grey hair. Her eyes are greenish copper and she has pointed ears and fangs. Indra likes to wear loose fitting clothes made from leather and fur in her human form and in her were-cat form she tends to wear more tight fitting stuff in shades of brown and green.

Did You Know:  Indra's parents were killed when she was very young by a group of purist elves. They were the only lycanthropes living in that neighborhood and the elves couldn't stand it. Indra managed to hide in the pantry and called for the cops. When the police DID come...they didn't break up the riot but helped the rioters skin her family! Indra went to live with her aunt and her case was heard in court. However...Elhaz had the hate crime case dismissed because "What does one family of were-cats matter in the big picture". Thus Indra holds him responsible for her family's killers still being on the loose. She moved in with Zara the necromancer and now serves as her brainwashed assassin, but lately...that brainwashing is wearing off with the help of her little kitsune partner and Indra has begun to wonder if she's any better than those rioters when she kills the elves.

Other: Indra is training to be an Elemental Savant (a wizard or sorcerer who tunes into one element) of air in her spare time, however, conciderin' that she has trouble enough with simple spells...that's gonna take a looooooong while.

Major Skills: Knowledge (ethics, history, arcana, ettiquette), hunting, spying, spell casting, anything that cats do like climbing stuff and landing on their feet. She has enhanced reflexes, speed, agility, and much more from being a lycanthrope

Useless Skills: Playing "Wack a mole", giving herself tongue baths (she is a cat!), shedding hairs in whatever color will show up the worst on clothing, able to control hairball production to save it for someone she doesn't like, sleeping at any time in any position any where.

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