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What is OHA X?: Welcome to the OHA X section. As you may know...OHA has a nastier, kinkier side that actually has quite a bit to do with plot. Now, because even with all my evil, I'm still a law abiding citizen, any of the comics that I'd consider unapropriate for children under 18 I have in this section. I'm not saying that the main series is all candy and fluff, there's some R rated stuff there too, but with the theory of hentai, I gotta put it here.

Hentai:: In Manga, if a comic shows sex it's ok, if a comic shows graphic sex and some cock, then it's hentai. The above so far is LIGHT hentai. To the right you'll find the what's what on the pages. If a link is underlined it's graphic (as in kinky, we're talking anal here, maybe some group sex...getting into just how big IS Goju etc etc) so watch out there. Um what else....oh yeah....

DISCLAIMER: In NO way am I forcing anybody to look at this. This is your choice to view these comic pages.


Pages 1-3: Experimentation part 1: Find out why the X logo is candy striped ^.~
Page 4: Requestup 1: Geli needs to get smaller thongs.
Page 5: Enter the Dragon X 1: Tentacle Monsters and Blase dragons oh my!
Page 6: Dr Love Talk: I love VT
Page 7-11: My Favorite Alien: There's nothing worse than a boyfriend who ignores you after sex, but what about an alien who never leaves you alone?!
Page 12-19: Enter the Dragon X 1 Continued....
Page 20: Pinup sketch...
Page 21-23: Fan comic from Jessi. Very tame for X
Page 24-27: The Questioning: it started out as a little kinky but then Geli had to get and get emotional....
Page 28-31: Don't Drop the Soap! Guest coloring by Jessi

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