Alignment: Lawful Evil
Class: Power hungry menace
Weapon of Choice: witless minions
Major Skills: Knowledge (arcana, history, psych.), selling, running intergalactic schemes, torture (pissing off Goju), getting various badasses to work together for the greater greed
Useless Skills: Making weird Goldenboy Style expressions, making up new uses for Black Pudding and thinking up advertising stuff
Age: 6900
Height: 6'6"
Sex: Male
Build: Muscular
Scene: Wild Wild West
Race: Half Drak, half Human, all bad ass
Occupation: Power monger, runs a posh intergalactic coffeeshop chain on the side (Hot and Ready Coffee inc.) (gotta pay for the evil somehow!)
Didja Know..: The bastard may LOOK like Goju, but they ain't related. It seems that most of the Draks kinda look alike...Anyway, the man is hell bent on ultimate power, he doesn't care what he has to do, but he'll do it! Because of his half human blood, his power and lifespan is half of what a regular dragon would have, so he solves this problem by killing all the purebreds and feasting on their life-force. Of course, the one he didn't count on would be Goju, who just won't stay dead. He has a serious and unholy obsession with making Goju suffer in the worst sort of way. Seems that dragonboy screwed over more of his evil plans to count and now this half breed wants his head on a plaque! Course, he also likes to watch him squirm, so half of his plans are all psychological warfare, hoping to turn his hapless victim in a suicidal killing machine capable of the mass destruction entire planets. So far he isn't doing a very good job. Kellroth has a prominent set of golden horns (his visible trait that all half-breeds have) as well as slitted eyes, fangs, and a bad attitude. He's quite resourceful, who else would have thought of using coffee as a way to take over the galaxy?
Other: Kellroth has more connections that Dubya Bush and that's sayin' a lot! Once his arch nemesis Goju makes it to Karu, he follows him there. Torturing that guy is his pet project. Some people collect baseball cards, Kellroth spends his free time making the last of the dragon's remaining years pure hell. Being deranged is an art.

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