OHA has more characters than you can shake a stick at, but because nobody wants to go through all of that stuff, just the main ones are listed.
Gelidus Talinu: The blue haired trouble magnet
Elhaz Nightstalker: Dream Seer, Astral Mage, resident prettyboy
Goju Maridae: Resident dragon
Indra: Required insane catgirl assassin
Aspen "Bryan" Nightstalker: Problem child
Crescendo Tallinu: Angsty teenage halfbreed
Kellroth: Leader of the Axis of Evil
Loki: Arch Demon of Chaos, High Bishop of Maggots (hehe)
Rio Novalight: Doomed time clerk
Supporting Cast: Lilith, Agni, Zara, Flaxen, and those other losers ;p

ehehehe...the cast

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