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Loki "Jodie"
Loki in color!
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Disgruntled Demon biznatch (Dark cleric, Morph Mage and Master of Black necromancy)
Weapon of Choice: Demon Powers of the Abyss (Tm)
Major Skills: lying, cheating, destruction, bluff, teleportation,smelling like a chicken three days dead left out in the sun, Knowledge (deviant psych., ways of evil, torture, stupid radio jingles, black magic, history, arcana),scaring the shit out of people
Useless Skills: She can sing most of the really annoying jingles that get stuck in your head (the Oscar Meyer song, Louie Louie, S-A-T-A-N), can clear a room in 2.5 seconds just be existing, knows every Stephen King, Amittyville, and Dean Koontz novel ever written by memory!
Age: 1700
Height: 5'8"
Sex: Female
Build: Plumply muscular
Scene: Undead Raver
Race:Demon (It's rumored that her true form resembles a pig that's been shot point blank with buck shot...)
Occupation: the Disgruntled Postal Worker of the Shadowplanes
Didja Know..: Loki isn't one of the most powerful demons around, he's not even a demigod, BUT she's one of the only major ones to spend alot of time pissing people off in the main realm. Because of her many worshippers, she could be considered a low level deiety by some but she is really an underling of Shar, Queen of the Primordial Void. Loki would like to think of herself as the incarnation of Chaos. She ain't. This badass demon does have enough power and connections to easily mop of the floor with anybody who gets in her way! She has a serious fetish about killing Elhaz due to some slighting in her past, thus she's after his ass when she's not snatching souls and driving people mad. Her hobbies include causing innocent families to kill eachother,' befriending young children and turning them into deviants, pipebombing McDonalds, and ingeneral being a pain. If you smell a dead chicken and see a chick with skin the color of bile and hair the color of week old bubble the other way!!
Other:Loki is only able to maintain as solid form in the Lightrealm by possessing a body. This body has to either be dead or given to her willingly. Her current rotting zombie shell is a corpse found in the ruins of a space ship out in the forest outside of Eidios. Hehe...the body is rumored to be one of Geli's reserve clones! Of course, Loki didn't like the look and thanks to Zara's Necromancy, she's got a heavy duty, battle ready, buxom body that, while green and pestulent, turns heads (when they turn to puke in the gutter that is...)

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