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Elhaz Nightstalker: High Magus Major of the Astral Plane and Holy Sword of Eidios

Eidios's most wanted elf
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (good, evil, it Tuesday?)
Class: Arch Mage of Astral planes and blood necromancy, Master of Mojo, Duelist
Weapon of Choice: The Storm Blade, Geli ;p, Necromancy
Major Skills: Dueling, battle plans, spell casting, "The ways of Love", Meditation, Traditions of the elves, Knowledge (seduction, torture, black magic, Moho, alien tech, history),  healing, arcana, causing mass chaos sewing!
Useless Skills: Playing the guitar, taunting, knows more uses for panty hoes, ductape and old inner tubes than one would like to think possible (you can make a lunar lander out of WHAT?!), can French braid, he also can give people nightmares from hell. He speeks five languages and, at once time, has caused a four country war in ten words or less.

Height: 6'4"
Sex: Male
Build: slender and athletic; typical elf
Scene: Fetish/Ren. Junky
Previous Occupation: Power-hungry Midas Wizard and dream seer. Now he's a slightly psycho wizard/seer who has his soul bonded to his city.
Birthdate: April 12
Race: Northern Midas elf
Fun Facts: As the Holy Sword of Eidios, Elhaz has certain special abilities such as the summoning of the Storm Blade which he pulls out of his eye, as well as an entire city to use as an ether focus (unlimited spells baby). Of course with his soul bonded to the very rock of the city, he takes arson and war against his people a bit too personally. Elhaz is a high ranking Astral mage as well as a dream seer. Being Midas, his touch can turn anything to alabaster; luckily he wears a ring to negate that effect most of the time. This elf is more than a little twisted but maybe his badgirl buddy can help whip him back into shape ^.~
Did You Know: Elhaz is the only person still living in Eidios who knows how to get to the underground city, though he has no clue who built it in the first place. Due to his rational thinking and his "for the good of all, not one" attitude, he's made quite a few enemies that would love to see him die a slow, painful death. He spends quite a bit of his time researching the Old Ones and wishes that he could get Geli spayed so she'd just LEAVE HIM ALONE

Other: All Astral mages are trained in the art of drawing magical energy from strong emotions, be it their own or those of the people around them. Elhaz takes it a step forward and has figured out a spell to use a mortals' sexual energy as a battery for his spells. He can channel anger and fear for spell ether as well if he wants to, but that tends to have more varied and uncontrollable effects. He also is one of the few elven mages to study the forbidden arts of Moho Blood Magic (he used a single slave bond on Geli)With Geli's nanotech help, the illegal arts of blood necromancy no longer effect him and he can cast them without outward consequences. However, no matter how much he claims he doesn't care, theres something about Geli that he's attracted to and he tends to get really bitchy if he doesn't get a chance to at least touch her for a day or so. This is a problem when he's out of town. Luckily Geli has all her shots and can ride along with him in her familiar case as a pink cat. She's every wizard's wet dream: a familiar who not only can spy, but has the power to heal your wounds, acts like a battery and gives great head! But his skills aren't all with magic; he's also quite the swordsman and all that practicing with a double handed claymore has given him quite the workout. Thus, he's got the most wanted bod in Eidios. Damn, evil shouldn't look this good!

Relationships and Feelings: For those who don't know, here's a short bit of family tree on Elhaz.

----First wife: Yuen Blanc (Kitsune Shamaness, died under mysterious circumstances and Elhaz was listed as the key suspect. The case is still pending)

---Heir: Bryan Nightstalker: (half kitsune)

---Other Spawn: Because the Midas are so few in number, it is believed that Elhaz has over two hundred other children illegitimately. It's not likely he'll ever claim the bastards either,'s anybody gonna prove it?

---Lover(s): Currently Geli is his love slave, in other words...she's his bitch. Of course, Elhaz is rather...aheh...old, and he's not all that interested anymore. Sometimes he is, but he finds that he'd rather lie out and stare up at the stars than service some woman, however...hehe...if she want's to do things for him, that's perfectly fine. He's lazy, she's crazy. Believe it or not, he does love her in his own twisted little way. It is rumored that he might have a thing with Goju later in the series...hehe. Watch out!

---Stalked by: A coupla other characters in the manga love him too such as Indra(yes INDRA!!!), Lilith (just a crush...more of an admiration thing), and Aleatha. Aleatha has a major thing for him, but while he'll have a relationship with an alien, a night elf is out of the question!

The Storm Blade: This enchanted sword has been based down from Holy Sword to Holy Sword after the goddess Selune gave it to one of the first elves to live in the valley where Eidios was later built. With the blade itself made out of silver honed by will alone and the hilt set with lightning gems, this sword lets its wielder call down hurricanes, tornadoes, you name it! However, the charges of this great power is very limited. Once per day the user can summon a primal storm elemental like a 20th level wizard. As the blade is kept sharp by the mind, it is only as strong as the wielder. Only one with a strong will can use it. it grants the user immunity from electrical and water based attacks and seems to weigh nothing to the one who holds it. Truly a fearsome weapon, this enchanted sword tends to bring out the blood thirsty nature in its wielders. (Greater magical weapon; AC: 35 +4 enchanted blade, 50 charges of great storm summoning left)

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