Aspen "Bryan" Nightstalker
Bryan and the UGLY shorts!
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Gunslingning Prankster
Weapon of Choice: Augmented Paintball gun or his car ( try standing down a convertable goin' like 100 down the highway)
Major Skills: Hacking, annoying, selling, target shooting, weaseling, Knowledge (street wise, explosives, alien technology, local news, history, technology, popular culture, elven tradition...and while he won't admit it: religeon), driving
Useless Skills: Juggling (well he's not very good at it), stunt driving, break dancing martial arts, car detailing, rubix cubes, ability to twitch his ears in opposite directions, able to name two hundred porn stars, their starring films, and their sex act of infamy (o.0;)
Age: 170
Height: 6'0"
Sex: Male
Build: Wiry
Scene: Beachbum/punk rock
Race: Half Midas Elf, Half Silver Kitsune
Occupation: college Student. Has a part time job at Noir Leather (a fetish/punk shop) and he's a Shadow Guard agent by night.
Didja Know..: This half elf half Kitsune is the son of Elhaz Nightstalker and Yuen Blanc. Even though his magic skills are seriously lacking (whenever he tries, he ends up breaking something) he has a great eye and uses a pair of paint ball guns filled with various nasty things from old motor oil to acid to powdered sodium. He's one brat you don't want to mess with. B spends most of his free time playing bootleg video games in his dungeon room. Yeah, he gets the office that NOBODY WANTS! Why? Well he's kind of morbid, he doesn't mind a couple hundred mummies staring at him. This office/dorm room is at the entrance to the under ground city, it was probably a guard quarter when the undercity was in use. Now B lives in it as the unofficial watch dog to the forbidden sectors. Though the Christmas lights wrapped on the wall of skulls is rather festive...aheh.... Bryan's Midas touch is Atmospheres, which gives the effect of increasing atmospheric pressure to living things. He wears a ward ring to keep it turned off. Because of his half kitsune heritage, he's a little crazy, cheerful, and prone to play pranks. Because he's only half-breed, when and if he transforms to kitsune, he only has two tails, and they're both sort of stubby. He can only do this during a full moon so usually it's more trouble than its worth. Not to mention dealing with all that fur is a bitch! This pointy eared punk is a bit of a techno-monger and is studying about nanotech and Brainware computers by pestering Geli insanely. Luckily she's nice to men or he'd be beyond dead by now ^`^. He makes his money to finance his hobbies and hover car payments by selling porn of his girlfriend's mother online. As a child he was put up at the temple of Ilmater (The Crying God, see Religeon) but sadly, while he got the teaching down, the only thing was good at....was blowing things up (they STILL haven't patched the hole in the wall from when he through a match into a tank of lamp oil)
Other: Bryan has quite a few piercing (right ear, nipples, can probably guess), the Nightstalker Clan tattoo on his back, and yes, his hair really is neon highlighter pink! He doesn't dye it, it just grows that way!! Kinky lil' bastard ain't he?

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