Crescendo Tallinu
Cress: geli's screwed up teen daughter
Name: Crescendo Hisa Tallinu/Maridae
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Psychokeneticist whip dancer
Race: half shikkari half red dragon
Weight: 240 lb (her bones are all reinforced with titanium and nanos weigh more than blood) Build: Pert, perky, and well taken care of
Weapon of Choice: Psiwhip
Four Traits:Shy, paranoid, articulate, innocent
Character Summary: Cress is half Shikkari and half red dragon. Because of her various oddities, she's shy and quiet around everybody but Bryan, whom she feels she can trust, no matter how hard to understand he is. As a Shadow Guard agent, she uses a psiwhip as she is able to manifest many psionic powers. Believe it or not, Cress is a time traveler! She is actually from 150 years in the future, but she got thrown back in time because of an explosion on her ship, and has grown up to the point she is now with the current Geli, who is nothing like she was when Cress is/will be born. This mixed with the confusion of living on a strange new planet filled with scary people, and regular teenage troubles have made Cress one messed up kid o.0;;She gets claws, fangs, and a bloodhound sensitive nose from her dad's side of the family, not to mention a back covered in bullet proof scales. This half breed is very shy, practically terrified of men (too much rejection) but insanely curious about many things anyway.
Weird Facts and Randomness:Elhaz stuck her at the private school for the council's children just to give her some sort of cover and to make sure she learns the local customs and what not. Cress has a small dorm room next to Geli and Elhaz's appartment but spends almost all of her time crashing at Bryan's place. She tends to eat really weird things like sandwiches with the fires and slaw on them rather than on the side and drinking coke with chocolate sauce and orange juice in it. She loves Bryan and hates Elhaz with a passion: if she could bump him off and get away with it she probably would.

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