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Gelidus Tallinu
Once a geisha, now she's a bioweapon with the power to destroy worlds!

Name: Gelidus Hisa Tallinu
Age: 3035
Height/Weight/Size: 6'3"/150 (thanks to all that biometal reinforcement and muscle)/38D.30.35 (she's a big strong woman)
Class: "Doom in a black lace bra" (psionic whipdancer and nanotech gadgetteer)

Major Skills: Computer ops, nanotech tweaking/inventing, psionic spells and abilities, covert operations, hand to hand combat, spying, seduction (and you thought James Bond was slick!), intimidation, attracting chaos

Special Abilities: Super strength; biotech enhanced speed, agility and stamina; brainware (blocks pain, secretes biocombat drugs, and gives her a direct uplink to the internet, has about the computing power of a top of the line house hold PC...which is all she really needs), enhanced sense of touch and sight, nanotech (insanely fast healing, toxic blood and body fluids during war situations...this has to be turned on and off), bio-carbide enforced bones in key places (ribs, neck, skull, pelvis, knees, hands, and spine) and quite a few others (listed on the character sheet if you really care...)

Special Items: Bloodbond Slave Collar (heavy golden collar with a blood filled jewel in the center; nulifies her psionic powers and uses magnets to slow down her nanotech; gives her the worst full body itching if she pisses of Elhaz enough), Shikkari Nanotech Battle Armor (five golden bands of compressed nanobots form into her skintight armor; can change color at will and even create the appearance of normal clothes if she has to; can deflect bullets and anything moving fast and gives her magic proofing against most direct effect spells; her usual default mode is a liquid silver body suit), Extendible Molecularwire Psi-whip(currently in possession of her daughter Crescendo, hollow tube of carbide houses 12 feet of molecular filament which she can charge with psionic energy or use to extend touch based spells; can cut through just about anything like a hot wire through icecream)

Current Occupation: Bonded "pet" and bodyguard of Elhaz Nightstalker and general jane of all trades; need monsters slain, sewers cleared of zombies, annoying armies toasted, flowers arranged or just a night of hot lovin'? She's your femme!

Weaknesses:Nanotech Fuel (Her nanotech uses up tons and tons of ATP and unless she gets at least 5000 cal a day...that is if she's not in a fight, they nanos start to eat her! Even if she sleeps all day and doesn't move, she'd die of starvation in three days but she's not above eating anything and everything that will hold still from grass to fish to the nearest person to her...she doesn't care what it tastes like)Item Dependency(Depends on her brainware for heavy processing and doing many of her more advanced moves and for her agility and what not. Only problem is that she runs windows 3000 and it's prone to the "blue screen of death" at odd moments) Insanely High Libido (She's easily swayed by attractive members of the opposite sex and tends to be quite the horndog. Since she's always on the prowl for fresh dna to patch problems in her code from the use of heavy psionics, she never turns down a willing partner)

Favorites and lame stuff like that:likes tea, sushi, anything with a high calorie count (twinkies and other snack cakes are a favorite), sleeping, sex (to a creepy degree), getting into fights with strange creatures just because she can, cooking, doing traditional dances and other geisha things, going on walk abouts and trying to get lost (it never works with gps)
Four Traits:Horny, wild, predatory, inhuman

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