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Riokarvanokova "Rio" Novalight

Alignment:(Annoyingly) Lawful Good (for now...;p)
Class: Unlucky Chronomancer, Heartwarden, and Cleric of Suneii
Weapon of Choice: Midas Touch of Decay or the enchanted blade One Hour's Axis
Major Skills: traveling through time, knowledge (history, time travel, forensics, entertainment, the outer planes, sociology, philosophy, religion, temple rules and elven customs)tweaking history, using his magic to get the right effect at the right time, searching stuff on the web, spying by night, convincing people that he's completely trust worthy, hearing voices
Useless Skills: Can quote pretty much any Shakespeare play at odd moments, double jointed (wins twister a lot), using the socratic method, prowling, being overly emotional enough to make people ignore him then stab them in the back, misquoting history, twisting questions around enough for people to mess up and confess.

Age: 500
Height: 6'2"
Sex: Male
Build: Sleek and toned but fragile
Scene: renfair on crack with some greek influence
Race: Northern Midas elf, Novalight clan
Occupation: Rio is the holy sword of Mukaru and the warrior of the enchanted sword One Hour's Axis (used to be a temple cleric and heartwarden)
Didja Know..: So far (can't tell you everything...hehe..that's a spoiler) Rio is the holy sword of Mukaru, a large city built over twin waterfalls to the south. This sexy elf is from the Novalight clan of the Northern Midas and has the Midas touch of Decay. While he's quite young as elves go, he is highly dedicated to his cause. Quiet and calculating, Rio rarely talks first but when he does, he's extremely good at sucking up and pouring honey over his words. He spent a few years at the Temple of Imitar with Bryan and they were best friends as well as lovers for a while. They still keep in touch, much to the insane rage of Elhaz. Now Rio is one of the higher ranking clerics of Suneii, goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure. While he seems like a sweet, slightly niave, tree hugger, Rio hides an extremely bitter and vendictive side about his current job in life. He feels taken advantage of. And while he's good at being sweet, when push comes to shove, there's an iron fist under that velvet glove and he knows how to use it
Other: Rio has a tattoo of a large phoenix done across his back from shoulder to shoulder down to his knees as well as a tongue stud. For an elf with pale lavender hair and ice green eyes, he's pretty hot, even if his skin really is milk white. He sucks at hand to hand combat and nearly gets killed because of it, and being an elf, is overly proud (he would rather die than be a cripple) and believes in perfection at any cost
The Blade One Hour's Axis: Yes, Rio's sword is what the comic is named after. Using this item of power, the wielder can travel back in time to observe for one hour with each charge. While one might not think that just watching history would come in handy, it does. The wielder can take themselves and up to five other people back in time using the blade. Once the sword is upgraded (using a dragon pearl) it is able to grant the ability to travel in time for an hour, but lets the user actually interact. The sword has 50 charges for observation, and 25 charge slots for the full travel. Once each charge is used, the little crystal ring for it turns black and melts off. Once all the charges are used, the blade still allows its wielder to use blur and blink as a free action and guards against evil. Only lawful good characters can use it. (Greater magical artifact; AC: 35; element; astral, time, +3 attack against undead and creatures of evil alignment)

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