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Agni Kitsue
Age: 13
Height: 4'0"
Sex: Female
Race:Forest Kitsune raised by fire Effreets
Didja know...: Agni can speak Infernal as well as a bit of common. She is a timid and naive soul most of the time and hangs with Indra and nobody else. She doesn't have a hatred of the elves because they haven't done anything to her tribe, but because Zara took her in after her people moved to the elemental plane of fire, she'll do almost anything her foster mum wants her to, even if its a little grudgingly. Because she's a kitsune, she is naturally curious and tricky and this comes in handy in her line of work. Mostly she's a supporting spellcaster to Indra.
Zara Mckinnly
Age: 35
Height: 4'5"
Sex: Female
Race:half gnome half human (now that's an unholy union!)
Class:Mohao Tasuke (a blood magic witch/necromancer)
Didja know...: Zara has a bone to pick with the elves over politics. Seems that ten years ago, congress made a law prohibiting the practice of necromancy and blood magic in the United Elven Nations. Because of this, Zara lost her job as a necromancer/taxidermist of pets and realitives. She was kicked out of Eidios and had her citizenship revoked, now she wants to kick some ass. And that ass would be Elhaz because it was his tie breaking vote that sent her into exile. Zara's just a little unstable, I mean really...her girlfriend is a zombie elf for goodness sake. Luckily she lacks people skills or the elves would be in a shit load of trouble.
Flaxen Doe
They have maybe a little memory, only the most basic of motor functions
Powered only by the simple needs: the need to feed
Age: 25 (ish)
Height: 5'0"
Sex: Female
Race:high elf
Didja know...: When alive, Flaxen was a government protestor but during the Moho problem, she took part in a suicide bombing of congress. Zara hauled her moldering corpse back to her shack in the woods and brought her back using necromancy, feelin' that they were kindred spirits. Now Flaxen has only the most basic of motor functions, a little memory of her past. She mostly follows Zara around like a flogged dog and eats corpses or whatever. Occassionally her regular self will cut through that undead haze, like after some new preservative spells go in place but pretty much all she does is rot and spy for Zara. Flaxen is fairly well preserved and while she smells like spoiled cabbage, she still has all her limbs. That's sayin' alot for a zombie.
President Mona A. Lott She only looks cute
Age: 400
Height: 5'5"
Sex: Female
Race:high elf
Class:Marital Artist
Didja know...: Mona was elected President of Eidios after she defeated Elhaz in combat per the usual procedure. Of course, the only way she managed to do that was by a few cheap shots, but none the less, she's now figurehead leader. Not that bright when it comes to ethics, Mona is still a good leader. Of course, she's more likely to order a village burned to the ground before dealing with a virus outbreak. This is one perky bitch. If it were up to her, she'd seal off the elven borders and have Geli executed but she grudgingly admits that while the blue haired alien is a little unstable, she's quite handy in a war.
Lilith Eleuranth
Height: 4'0"
Sex: Female
Race:high elf
Didja know...: Lilith has been around Eidios for quite as while as the head medic in the Shadow Guard HQ. She was the one who first found Geli's ship and due to her general nosiness, was also the one to figure out about the Shikkari and actually look them up. She's perky and way type A. Because of a few felonies on her record, she's currently stuck doing clerical work but behind the scenes, she directs experimentations in the SG labs. Elhaz covers up her actions and she watches out for him; its a good deal.
Aleatha Lotus
heavy kick ass baby
Age: 450
Height: 5'8"
Sex: Female
Race:Night Elf
Class:Nemisid (Holy warrior clerics of Selune and Nemisis, goddesses of the moon and vengence)
Didja know...: While Aleatha is a night elf, she doesn't have the blue skin and black hair of her realitives. She's almost an albino by their standards and so her skin is quite pale. Believed to be Moon Touched, (the pale skinned night elves are called that) she began training to be a nemisid at a very young age and has since moved on to be appointed Secretary of the Interior to the UEN. Like all nemisids, she can call upon the twin goddesses for aid in battle and she is a deadly shot with a bow. Earlier in the series she helped screw over one of Loki's world domination plans and now works in Eidios with Elhaz. She's had a long standing crush on mr. aqua hair but doesn't seem to be getting too far. Poor unrequented love.

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