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How OHA is made Beta
Grungy Rock and Concrete of Pittsburgh: use these wild looking and dirty textures in your hobby stuff or for your web comic as long as you give me a link back. More to come OHA Wallpaper
Bryan and Rio: 1024 wallpaper of Rio Novalight and Bryan
Cute Geli by Capsule Girl: 1024 wallpaper from Capsule Girl

Wizards of the Coast
wizards of the coast I love D&d and I really really love the art so I made a coupla wallpapers of the gods from D&D. Here's the god of Bards from Wizards of the Coast. Olidammara is (c) wizards of the coast. Buy their books so they can write more!!!
wizards of the coast Another D&D paper, this time of the elvish goddess of nature. Elhonna is (c)Wizards of the Coast.
wizards of the coast Yet another D&D Paper, this time of the Norse god Balder. This picture is (c)Wizards of the Coast. Man...they need to do Sexy Men of the Coast book of something...some of their images are hawt!


Scented//New Car Smell...One Hour Axis, Sahara, and characters are R.Hartman 1994-2003,any other characters showing up in cameos are (c) their owners. Please don't take my images and ideas! I'll sick Geli on ya and you might get sick...not wise."We all live in a yellow submarine" This website is created by Kectug. The images on this page were made by Mutant X-ing Productions. Geli is (c) KECTUG