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Here you can read all of OHA to date as if it were a real comic book. Each issue is listed with a summary, number of pages, and annotations of sorts. Very newbie friendly for those who are just starting out reading OHA. 500 pages is a lot, I know, so read by issues.

*= Missing in the move to Keenspace
bold = Important plot point

Diary of a Space Geisha
OHA Volume 1: Issue 1
Summary:Here is the start of the entire saga with Geli's past story as a geisha and then as a Shikkair. It's more in a shoujo style than the rest of the comic. In Diary thus far, Geli has become a mako and prepares to move up to her next level as a young geisha by losing her virginity to a client...but things don't go as planned.
Size: 15 comic pages to date.
Additional Shiznat: Diary of a Space Geisha has it's own sub page where the comics are all listed as well as pinups. Geisha has now moved over to a text based format with illustrations like a japanese pillow book instead of a comic and that will be posted soon as well.
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OHA Remastered
OHA Volume 1: Issue 2
Summary:Geli's first conversation with the elves, Bryan meets Cress (gasp she looks like 10!), Indra is brainwashed by Zara and company, and Fifi appears for the first time. More remastered will probably appear as the series goes on (I'm planning on redoing the very first part of Geli and Elhaz's meeting)
Size: about 9 pages at the moment
Characters appearing: Geli, Elhaz, Lilith, Indra, Flaxen, Zara, Bryan, and Fifi
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Herbervous Wizards!
OHA Volume 1: Issue 3
Summary: Indra's first real appearance as she decides on how to cap Elhaz and has to face her fears about fighting with him. Elhaz's powers as a dream seer first shown. Cress goes to school and finds out that it's not fun to be the new kid, Indra and Elhaz have their first serious fight during a rock concert. Geli wears really stupid outfits throughout.
Size: 29 pages
First Appearances: Melitoria, cat form Geli
Inside jokes and production notes: Look for familiar characters from other web comics in the audience. These pages are bigger than the current series as I used big art paper for 'em and had no clue what I was doing. Screen tones aren't so bad though.
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Flat Line
OHA Volume 1: Issue 4
Summary:Indra returns home and tells her boss of her failure. Elhaz is in recovery at the navy base in Mukaru. Geli and Mel...have WORDS. Loki makes her move for world domination, starting with the capital city of the elves
Size: 18 pages
First Appearances: Indra's human form, Kali and Parvati (Geli's two alien brain parasites)
Inside jokes and production notes: First color OHA page, lots of zombie jokes, and the cajun ain't just for turkey's anymore.
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Feathered Fervor
OHA Volume 1: Issue 5
Summary: Elhaz and Geli escape the navy base and head back to Eidios to confront Loki, Loki and Mel have taken over the city and are feeding on their dark thoughts, bryan gets evil on Cress thanks to demon possession, Geli gives good head, and Elhaz and Aleatha have to fight their way to the highest room in the tallest tower to fight the boss
Size: 45 pages
First Appearances: Aleatha Lotus, tentacle monsters, Geli's jinking powers, Agni
Inside jokes and production notes: Geli fights the tentacle monster in the street wearing little girl pjs (which you could buy at the limited too for a while), a coupla pages are missing so i'm gonna have to go back and mess with 'em because they were FUNNY!! This is prolly the weirdest issue in the comic. The art is a tad rough, I was using technical pens and they just don't work for drawing comics on less than great paper when you're in a hurry. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33
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Unlivin' La Vida Loki
OHA Volume 1: Issue 6
Summary:The final fight in the Loki arc takes place and all is lost until....nah, not gonna tell you. Read it.
Size: 17 pages
First Appearances: N/A
Inside jokes and production notes: Free naked pinup to whoever can guess where the Bone Rapier is from. I really don't like how this ended...but feh, I was getting bored witht the topic at hand.
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Enter the Dragon
OHA Volume 1: Issue 7
Summary:Geli is sent to Drak to investigate rumors of strange riots on the resort planet. Drak doesn't allow government personelle in its resorts (they like to do the illegal stuff) so Geli sneaks in as a vacationing single. Too bad she's an entire army in a sexy package.
Size:19 pages
First Appearances:Princess Palonia, Goju Maridae
Inside jokes and production notes: This comic was sent to Antarctic Press back in 01, they thought it had promise...but they didn't like the art. I did get an autographed letter from Rod Espinosa back tho' so it's not a total loss.
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Enter the Dragon 2
OHA Volume 1: Issue 8
Summary: Geli goes on a psuedo-date with Goju after "saving him" from some monsters. Meanwhile a human girl from earth gets sucked into a portal by a strange crystal and ends up stuck in the basement of the national guard armory at Eidios...with the strangest of creatures.
Size:19 pages
First Appearances:Mihn Maridae, Kellroth, Jessi Rotzi and Squee
Inside jokes and production notes:Some of these panels look REALLY WRONG! Geli's dress is really cute though. This is Goju's original character design, enjoy it while it lasts.
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Enter the Dragon 3
OHA Volume 2: Issue 9
Summary:Goju offers to show Geli around outside the city. She just ends up seeing more than forests in this voyage! Back on Karu, Indra finds out why her wounds from back in issue 3 haven't healed.
First Appearances:Goju's (SPOILER)
Inside jokes and production notes: Some of the panels in here...look really wrong.Nate sent me a popup video version of some of the pages but I lost em...which suck because they were really funny! Geli spends a lot of time looking really stupid in this issue. >.<; 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

ETD3 OHA X Suppliment
OHAX Volume 1
Summary: This was what was originally going to happen during the third part. However, since I try...sort of, to make the comic around R, I had to cut this out. But here it is....Geli and Tentacle monsters and Goju's sex ninja powers!
Size:9 pages
First Appearances:tentacle bush monsters and Goju's sex ninja skillz
Inside jokes and production notes:Don't was a request.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Enter the Dragon 4
OHA Volume 1: Issue 10
Summary: Geli makes a deal to take Goju back to Karu was a witness against Kellroth who's planning on putting all the resorts out of business so he can own the planet to form an army of space pirates. However, Elhaz is NOT pleased about this and while he doesn't know why just yet, this new guys really bothers him.
Size:26 pages
First Appearances:President Mona (who really doesn't do anything of any real use!)
Inside jokes and production notes:Elhaz looks like an 80s hairband junkie in that renfair gear! 1 2 3 4 5 6 *7 8 9 10 11 12
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Summary:This really doesn't take place in this part of the series, but it makes a few of the jokes in the next issue make more sense. After reading this, you'll prolly never want to eat a jumbo candy cane again.
Size:3 pages
First Appearances:THE CANDY CANE
Inside jokes and production notes: Based on a joke in Clerks about how Randal's uncle used to fuck his girlfriend with a candy cane instead of a dildo. Ok, too much information
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The Armory Cat
OHA Volume 1: Issue 11
Summary:Cress has something she just has to tell SOMEBODY, and who better to tell but her boyfriend Bryan? Since she doesn't want anybody to hear, she takes him to the national guard armory where people have gym classes and breaks into the basement storage room so they can be alone. However...something else is down there and it's not a good thing! Indra rants in her lair and Zara makes new plans to get revenge on the elves for driving her out of the necromancy business and taking back her green card.
First Appearances:N/A
Inside jokes and production notes: Squee eats people, don't let his cuteness fool you. I'm trying to find the hard copies for 19-21 which I'll rescan and post.
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The Switch
OHA Volume 1: Issue 12
Summary:Zara sends Indra on another trip to off Elhaz; her theory being that with the holy sword dead the elves will fall. Just to make sure the job gets done, she sends Loki along. Geli finds out that a little bit more about how Elhaz feels about her, but she's still confused: does he care about her as a woman or not? Bryan and Cress take off on a trip to Mukaru to take care of Jessi and Squee, and to see an old friend of Bryan's
Size:26 pages
First Appearances:N/A
Inside jokes and production notes: Nothing really, besides a change in inking style, and hopefully an improvement in the art somewhat. I know pages 2 and 3 are missing, I'm lookin' for 'em as we speak.
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The Switch 2
OHA Volume 1: Issue 13
Summary:Loki's bad to the bone and she's got a plan for old Elhaz and Indra! Lets just say that in OHA, the old mindswitch is a little more twisted. Why...lets switch two people who hate eachother! Genius!
Size:16 pages
First Appearances:Very femme and fucked up Elhaz o.0;
Inside jokes and production notes: It gives me an excuse to draw Elhaz in women's clothing and not be kinky. There WILL be an OHAX suppliment for this, just you wait! HAH!
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The Switch 3
OHA Volume 1: Issue 14
Summary: Geli realizes that something's amiss with Elhaz and she finds out exactly what when she confronts "Indra" in court! Meanwhile, Indra (in Elhaz's body) finds a certain evil elf wizard's secret journal and a little of why Elhaz keeps Geli around is revealed. Any baby, it ain't just because she gives great head!
Size:18 pages
First Appearances:No actual new reoccuring characters, but you do get to see Elhaz's clan tattoo
Inside jokes and production notes:Nate said that he loved the expressions in the little soul bubbles over Indra and Elhaz's heads in this chapter. Gotta point out that, yes, a lot of bad things are said about our blue haired antishero in the top panel of page 8. Kudos to any of you who can figure it out. It ain't pretty...Oh yeah, and the texure on Elhaz's journal is electron microscope viewing of malaria, and Loki's dress is smallpox! Now you know.
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The Switch 4
OHA Volume 1: Issue 15
Summary: Elhaz gets his body back and this annoying story line comes to an end
Size:18 pages
First Appearances:Nobody really, sorry. Well there are the anthrosquid torturers in Zara's dungeon...
Inside jokes and production notes: I hate this ending! GAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
cover 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Intermission part 1: Here's Dragonboy!
OHA Volume 1: Issue 16
Summary: Goju is out of practice fighting so he tracks down his father's old teacher in the arts of dragon rune magic. If he's going to avenge his people he's got a long way to go...spending 3000 years in hell'll make anybody lose their groove.
Size:5 pages
First Appearances:Ping Pai Yee (Jade dragon and rune magic/martial arts master) and The Skank Elf Girl
Inside jokes and production notes: I so have to work on Ping's character design, I don't like'll get to see more of Ping and his school of dragon magic and martial arts (he teaches mortals and dragons) in City of the Mists part 2
Cover 1 2 3 4 5

Intermission part 2: The Deal
OHA Volume 1: Issue 17
Summary: Kellroth tells WHY he hates Goju so much, turns out that dragonboy isn't as nice as we thought, Mihn makes a deal with the future father of her children
Size:8 pages
First Appearances:Kellroth and Mihn Maridae
Inside jokes and production notes: Drawn as a "how to draw manga" tutorial for the kids at Carnegee Kids College in Greenbrier when I helped Jeff Davis teach a class. I think the whole Mihn X Kellroth (the guy who murdered her entire race) thing is pretty twisted....and folks, their tryst is gonna in the pain plot..hehe...
q 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

OHA Arc 8.0: City of the Mists 1
OHA Volume 2: Issue 1
Summary: Bryan and Cress go to Mukaru to take care of Jessi but it later turns out that Bryan has some unfinished businsess in town who just happens to run the place
Size:5 pages
First Appearances:Riokovanova Novalight
Inside jokes and production notes: Besides the obvious yaoi fan service.....oh yeah, and first issue of OHA to be all in color 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

OHA Arc 8.0: City of the Mists 2
OHA Volume 2: Issue 2
Summary: Seriously emo Cress runs off after seeing Rio and Bryan together, later she finds out exactly why Bryan brought her with him, and it wasn't as a date
First Appearances:Berserkers, Goju's bunk mates Inside jokes and production notes: Elhaz is one kinky ass bastard that's all I gotta say. Geli returns for a while in this issue cover 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 OHA Remastered
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