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Bio of a Space Geisha: The OHA back story from Geli's childhood, to the rise of the Shikkari and more! Post apocolyptic romance/scifi.
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Whatever happened to OHAX?! aka DUDE WHERE'S MY PR0N!?!
OHAX has been moved to onlinemanga.net (I'll post the link soon) where you can read it for 10 cents a page. I feel more comfortable making that part of the site pay. 1) I need money 2.) it'll slow down the kiddies 3.)hey...it's good business. It'll be in traditional manga screentone until I get some good feedback on it then color is the way to go baybe! This will be all new, good art, great color, OHAX in comic form. No more "what happened?!" shiznat! There should be a coupla pages a month so watch once it's posted.

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